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In 2016, CALJ Board set up a new subcommittee on Professional Development and Training. In a plan later submitted to the Board, this committee amongst other things recommended the replacement and expansion of the publishing resources section of The CALJ website.

This section is intended to provide our CALJ members with online resources available mostly for free (some resources are within other associations member sections). It is a very extensive update and expansion of the resources previously on this site.

These resources include articles, seminars, workshops and videos on subjects ranging from launching journals, production technologies, editorial issues and ethics to marketing and sales and much more. It is very comprehensive and really almost and education in scholarly publishing.

The materials in this section have been compiled and curated by Larissa Wodke at the University of Winnipeg. We wish to thank Larissa for her efforts and the excellent results laid out in this section.

Now, as you know, our profession and industry is changing rapidly and so we need to maintain the currency of the resources within this section. PLEASE feel to send us anything that you might see online that is new and would add to the resources outlined below. You can send your recommendations to

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