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SRC/CALJ Journal Innovation Award

This award recognizes innovation implemented or first measured in the past year by a Canadian scholarly journal and which is focussed on enhancing readership and/or other forms of engagement with journal content.

This is our opportunity to showcase the innovation that's happening in Canada with our scholarly journals!


The winner will receive a certificate honouring their achivements as well as a free annual membership to CALJ, and an announcement will be posted on CALJ and SRC websites. The winner will be announced at the CALJ Annual General Meeting in June


Journal must be located and published in Canada by a Canadian entity and must have a majority of Canadians on the active editorial board.

Entry Fee:

Application is FREE for CALJ member journals. Non-member fee is $200.

To apply, please see our 2023 Application Package.

If you have any questions, and to submit your application, email


Prior winners of the SRC/CALJ Award:

Canadian Public Policy
Canadian Literature for its CanLit Guide
The Toronto Journal of Theology for its video introductions
FACETS – for its innovative multidisciplinary publishing format
Encounters in Theory and History of Education for its Digital Media and Methods Section

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