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Employment Opportunity | CALJ is looking for a new Executive Director

August 12, 2021 10:34 AM | Anonymous

The Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) is an ambassador for CALJ, supporting and promoting the vision of the organization. This individual supports the Board of Directors as a resource of knowledge and continuity for the organization, and provides overall administrative support for the Board of Directors and the association membership. In consultation with the Board, the Executive Director supports the onboarding of new Board members; supports CALJ committees in organizing CALJ meetings and events; communicates with the membership and broader community; drafts reports, letters, communiques, and funding applications; maintains and updates the CALJ website; promotes CALJ and CALJ membership through various promotional activities; develops an annual budget; and manages CALJ activities to meet budget expectations. There are currently no direct reports for this position.

Duties and Responsibilities

About CALJ

From the first meeting in 1990 that led to the formation of CALJ, the vocation of the association has focused on the well-being of learned journals:

To represent, develop and support the academic community of Canadian learned journals in disseminating original research and scholarly information, and to promote intellectual culture in Canada and internationally.

CALJ operates as a not-for-profit association and is member-driven, identifying priorities and establishing projects and activities as the CALJ journals and other CALJ members direct. Through interaction with government agencies, the research community and other partners, CALJ works to strengthen both individual journals and the journal community as a whole.

The three key functions of CALJ are to provide services to CALJ member journals, to develop industry initiatives for CALJ member journals, and to enhance the collective strengths of CALJ members and the journal community.

Interested in Applying?

Please send your resume by September 10, 2021 by email to Antonia Pop, CALJ President, at

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