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Marketing and Discoverability

Advertising in STM Journals, Allen Press Webinar

APIs in Scholarly Publishing – It’s a Marketing Thing

Applying Unique Identifiers to Understand and Establish Influence OR What’s in a Name?

The Art and Science of Selling to Libraries

Beyond Market Research: Getting from Insight to Product Solutions

Big Data: Marketing and Product Development for a Global Environment

Big Journal Literature, Big Usage

Broaden your Borders: Market Trends and Opportunities in China, India, and Brazil

Communicating and Promoting Science to the Public, Allen Press Webinar

A Comprehensive Overview of the China Market, from Author to Reader

Connecting Research and Researchers: How ORCID is Facilitating the Interoperable Exchange of Information

Content Bootcamp for Today’s Classroom: in the Trenches with Instructors

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Budget Challenged Part 1

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Budget Challenged Part 2

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Budget Challenged Part 3

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Budget Challenged Part 4

Discovering Content in Scholarly Publications; How Do Publishers Need to Adapt to Geographic, Cultural, and Age Differences in Readership and Research Behavior?

Discovery Beyond Google

Evolving Engagement Strategies – are we getting sticky or stuck?

Exploration and Discovery: How Do Readers Find You Now?

Gaining Customer Insight through Contextual Inquiry: Do as I do, Not as I Say

Getting Closer to Customers: Top Tips for Staying Successful with Market Research

Harnessing the Communication Power of Your Journal Website--Part 1

Harnessing the Communication Power of Your Journal Website—Part 2

Inside the Editors’ Office: Growing Your Journal's Reputation and Impact

Integrated Marketing Strategies, Allen Press Webinar

Listen, Engage, Repeat: Lessons from the Front Line of Engagement

Listen to Your Readers! The Value of Customer Feedback

A Look at “How Readers Discover Content” and Opportunities for Publishers

Marketing to Individuals: Insights from Pioneers

Member Retention

Meet the Press – Techniques for Facilitating News and Media Coverage

Metadata Management: Essential Tips for Publishers

Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape

Optimizing the discovery experience through dialogue – a community approach

Persistent Identifiers in Scholarly Communications: What, Why, How, Where, and Who?

The Researchers’ New Big Picture

Tag me maybe

To Disappear, or Not to Disappear: How to Avoid Dropping Out of Search

Understanding Your Market

What it Means to be a Truly Global Organization

What Publishers Need to Know About Discovery Services

Where to Find Growth in a Flat Market

Why Can’t I Find my Content in the Library’s Discovery Service?

The World Is Flat for Scholarly Publishing

Zen and the Art of Metadata Maintenance: Strategy and Tactics for Discovery and Sales

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