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Editing and Management

Aligning 21st Century Skills Across Publishing Communities

Best Practices for Online Journals

Best Practices for Peer Review

Double Exposure: The Present and Future of Publishing

Editorial Strategy: Content Evaluation and Curation

The E-Resources Management Handbook

Everything’s New Under the Sun: How New Standards and Best Practices Will Affect Your Life

Finding Quality Reviewers, Allen Press Webinar

The Future of Peer Review: Game Changers

Growing the Research Data Ecosystem

Journal Make-Over: Practical Steps to Better Journals

Journal Management Best Practices: Tales from the Trenches

    • This free guide aims to help journal editors handle issues such as refining the peer review process, speeding up the manuscript decision, and using analytics to eliminate bottlenecks in peer review. (Registration required for access)

Letter Support for Editors of

Managing Production Costs and Reader Preferences--Part 1

Managing Production Costs and Reader Preferences--Part 2

Managing Production Costs and Reader Preferences--Part 3

National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Recommended Practices

    • NISO Recommended Practices are "best practices" or "guidelines" for methods, materials, or practices for scholarly publishing.

Popular Initiatives in Scholarly Publishing, Allen Press Webinar

OCLC The Evolving Scholarly Record Report

    • This report presents a framework to help organize and drive discussions about the evolving scholarly record. The framework provides a high-level view of the categories of material the scholarly record potentially encompasses, as well as the key stakeholder roles associated with the creation, management, and use of the scholarly record.

Peer review in 2015: a global view - Key findings from the Taylor & Francis white paper

Publishing in a multicultural environment: Challenges – Considerations – Opportunities

Rethinking Author Guidelines, Allen Press Webinar

Rethinking the Structure of Peer Review

Simpatico or Star-crossed Lovers? Scholarly Communication and Scholarly Publishing Seek to Rekindle Common Passions

Strategic Planning: That Was Supposed to Happen!

Taylor & Francis Editor Resources

    • Includes Managing My Journal, Peer Review, Raising the Profile of My Journal, Citations, Impact, and Usage, Ethics and Rights, and Open Access

Understanding Contributor Roles in Scholarly Publications

UNT Resources for Editors of Journals and Book Series

    • This list is compiled especially for editors by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Scholarly Publishing Services and the UNT Press.

Wiley Editor Resources

    • Includes Enhancing Discoverability, Managing Your Editorial Office, Monitoring Journal Performance, Attracting Submissions, and Ethical Guidelines

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