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Business Models

Achieving Balance: Building Revenue Models for the Future

Advertising Sales in a Multi Channel Market, Allen Press Webinar

Building Vertical Communities and Connecting with End Users

The business of publishing ejournals

Collaborative Partnerships between Libraries and Scholarly Journals: Building Innovative Relationships for Open Access

Do Academic Libraries have a Role as Publishers?

Don’t Forget the Little Publisher

An Engineering Approach to Scholar-Library-Publisher Digital Collaboration

Freemium Access Publishing: Content is Free, Finding Revenue in the ‘Mium’

Great Expectations: Trials and Triumphs in Commercial Academic Publishing

“How Much Does it Cost?” versus “What are you Getting for/doing with the Money?”

Learning to Let Go and Add Readers to your Marketing Team or How Freemium Could be a Fairer Version of OA

Leveling the Global Playing Field: Publishers and Libraries Working Together

Liblisher or Pubrary: Navigating the New Library Publishing Landscape

Library Publishing Coalition Library Publishing Directory

    • The Library Publishing Directory provides an annual snapshot of the publishing activities of academic and research libraries, including information about the number and types of publications they produce, the services they offer authors, how they are staffed and funded, and their future plans.

Library Publishing Coalition Webinars

    • The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC)’s professional development committee coordinates a regular webinar series to provide opportunities to share knowledge, discuss on-the-ground experiences, and build on community expertise

Making Digital Pay: How Publishers Are (Or Are NOT) Making the Return on Their Digital Investments

Minimalism: Disintermediation of Libraries and Publishers

Models for Non-profit Publishing: Examples from Europe and the Americas

An Overview of the Business of Scholarly Publishing

Playing Global Moneyball and Impactball Well: Tools and Case Studies for Publishing Intelligently in International Markets

Publishers! What are They Good For?

Publishers and the Developing World: Philanthropy, Partnerships, Markets?

Publishing Strategy: To Partner or Not to Partner?

The role of subscription agents

Shapeshifters: The Changing Face of Content Acquisition

Society Publishing: Lessons Learned Over the Past 5 Years

SSP Webinar: “Digital Revenue Innovation in Scholarly Publishing” Expanding Industry-Related Revenue Opportunities in the Digital Arena

Strength in Numbers: Using Aggregations to Boost Your Content's Profile and Revenue--Part 1

Strength in Numbers: Using Aggregations to Boost Your Content's Profile and Revenue--Part 2

Strength in Numbers: Using Aggregations to Boost Your Content's Profile and Revenue--Part 3

To Flip the Script: Moving Subscription Journals to Open Access through APCs and Cooperation

Who’s Wagging the Dog? The Role of Funder Mandates in Defining the Needs of End Users

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