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21st Century Assessment: How Authors, Publishers, and Readers are using Altmetrics

Alternate Routes: Journal Metrics Revisited

Altmetrics for Journal Editors

Beyond Counting Downloads: New Methods for Capturing and Using Online Publication Traffic

Beyond the Download: The Secret Life of the Scholarly Article

Beyond Impact Factor An Overview of Citation Metrics, Allen Press Webinar

Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics

    • Research evaluation has become routine and often relies on metrics. But it is increasingly driven by data and not by expert judgement. As a result, the procedures that were designed to increase the quality of research are now threatening to damage the scientific system. To support researchers and managers, five experts led by Diana Hicks, professor in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Paul Wouters, director of CWTS at Leiden University, have proposed 10 principles for the measurement of research performance: the Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics published as a comment in Nature.

The Evaluation Gap: Using altmetrics to meet changing researcher needs

The Evolution of Impact Indicators: From Bibliometrics to Altmetrics

    • This free ebook explores the evolution of impact from the standpoint of scholars and journals, and how altmetrics fit into the picture. (Registration required for access)

Identifiers: What are they good for and what should you be doing with them?

Learning Analytics: Gaining good actionable insight

Making Sense of Online Usage Statistics, Allen Press Webinar

Measure for Measure: The Role of Metrics in Assessing Research Performance

Metrics 2.0 – It’s about Time…..and People

PLOS Altmetrics Collection

    • This is a growing collection of articles about altmetrics that were published in PLOS journals.

Scholarly Kitchen Webinar: The Future of Metrics and Reputation

Standards and Recommended Practices to Support Adoption of Altmetrics

Zoom In on Alternative Metrics

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