Réunion annuelle de l’ACRS 2022 Merci!

Réunion annuelle de l’ACRS 2022

Merci à nos sponsors, présentateurs et animateurs de panel !

Notre conférence annuelle s'est tenue la semaine dernière, les 12 et 13 mai, dans le cadre du Congrès des sciences humaines et sociales 2022. Nous tenons à remercier nos sponsors, présentateurs, animateurs de panel et participants pour leur rôle essentiel dans la réalisation de cette conférence.

2022 Annual Conference Planning Survey

Interested in funding models? Scholarly editing? Journal Internationalization? 

Our Professional Development committee is already planning our 2022 annual conference, and they'd like to hear from you about what topics you are most interested in learning more about at the conference. Please take some time to fill out our 2022 Annual Conference Planning Survey by January 10, 2022. 



CALJ/ACRS Annual Conference 2022

A huge thank you to CALJ members who responded to our survey seeking thoughts on how to plan our annual conference next year. We were impressed by the number of journals represented in the survey and the quality of feedback given. Although most respondents voted in favour of an annual online conference for 2022, feedback was split as to if we should join the Federation and attend the Congress virtually as we did in 2021, or plan our own CALJ conference independent of Congress.

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