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January 27 | Data Management Policy Webinar (12:30-1:30 ET)

January 27, 2021 -  12:30-1:30  ET
Data Management Policy
Suzanne Kettley, Executive Director at Canadian Science Publishing
Matthew Lucas, Executive Director of Corporate Strategies and Planning, SSHRC


The importance of proper data management and stewardship is top of mind for Canada’s funders, universities, and government departments, as is detailed in the Tri-Agency’s draft Research Data Management Policy. As part of the research infrastructure, journals will have an important role to play in supporting their authors in facilitating the discovery of research data.
During this Webinar, you will hear from Matthew Lucas, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance of SSHRC, and Suzanne Kettley, CEO of Canadian Science Publishing, about their organizations’ policies on research data practices and availability.

Matthew Lucas’ presentation will the role of data management. The current pandemic has illustrated the critical role that research data management plays in building a research system that reflects the FAIR principles—that data are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Many researchers, research institutions, stakeholder organizations and other groups have worked diligently during the COVID-19 pandemic to support research data management. This includes data management planning, institutional support for research data management, and data deposit and access.
Although currently delayed due to the impacts of the pandemic, work on the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy has continued in step with the continuing development of research data practices and capacity in Canada and internationally.

Suzanne Kettley’s presentation on policy development to deal with open scholarship. As the world moves toward open scholarship, which includes making research data accessible to all, it’s important for journal managers to understand how they can support researchers in this transition, even if their journals are not open access. During her presentation Suzanne will discuss Canadian Science Publishing’s new Data Availability Policy, the principles behind it, and the decisions that went into its creation.

Suzanne Kettley is the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), Canada’s not-for-profit leader in mobilizing scientific knowledge and publisher of 24 journals including FACETS, Canada’s first multidisciplinary open access science journal. With three decades of experience as a scientific publishing professional, Suzanne has held several positions in the company and led the team during CSP’s transition from the federal government to the private sector. She currently serves on the Boards of Directors for the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) and STEM Fellowship, the editorial board of Scholarly and Research Communications, and a funder-publisher task force for the Society for Scholarly Publishing.

Matthew Lucas joined the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in September 2015 as the Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance, and has a background in the area of science, technology and innovation policy. Prior to SSHRC, Matthew worked at Industry Canada where he held different positions, including Senior Policy Advisor to the Science, Technology and Innovation Council Secretariat, and the Departmental Advisor to the Minister of State for Science and Technology. Matthew received his PhD from the University of Toronto.


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