About Us

From the first meeting in 1990 that led to the formation of CALJ, the vocation of the association has focused on the well-being of learned journals:

To represent, develop and support the academic community of Canadian learned journals in disseminating original research and scholarly information, and to promote intellectual culture in Canada and internationally.

CALJ operates as a not-for-profit association and is member-driven, identifying priorities and establishing projects and activities as the CALJ journals and other CALJ members direct. Through interaction with government agencies, the research community and other partners, CALJ works to strengthen both individual journals and the journal community as a whole.

The three key functions of CALJ are to provide services to CALJ member journals, to develop industry initiatives for CALJ member journals, and to enhance the collective strengths of CALJ members and the journal community.

For details on benefits of becoming a CALJ member, please visit our benefits page, here.

CALJ Leadership

The CALJ Board of Directors draws on the experience of publishing professionals and scholars.

Suzanne Kettley
Executive Director / directrice générale
Canadian Science Publishing / Éditions Sciences Canada

Rowland Lorimer
Director, Masters of Publishing (ret)
Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, Simon Fraser University

Emmanuel Hogg
Executive Director
Histoire sociale / Social History Inc

Autres membres élus

Cameron Macdonald
Executive Director / directeur général (ret)
Canadian Science Publishing / Éditions Sciences Canada

Antonia Pop
Senior Manager of the Journals Division , Journals, University of Toronto Press

Larissa Wodtke
Research Coordinator at the Centre for Research in Young People's Texts and Cultures and Managing Editor of Jeunesse

Pour des renseignements biographiques sur les nouveaux membres élus.
CALJ-ACRS Executive Director / directeur général
Ken Clavette

For a copy of the CALJ constitution.

For a short history of CALJ.